Winter feels


So I got a new lens! A 50 mm 1.8/ f stop. So me and my cousin went out into my yard and this was one of the shots I took. I wanted to give it a unique look so I turned the saturation down and made her eyes brighter in photoshop, then finally added a photo filter of a dark greyish blue to give it the right mood. I love the contrast of the white of the snow and the darkness of the green on the trees. Also, I feel like her bright eyes and dark lips gives the photo sort of a fantasy feel to it. Kind of like she’s an elf on Lord of the Rings. 😀 It turned out great actually… and I am super impressed with this lens. What’s your favourite lens?

cute cabin feels

Today I hopped in my jeep and drove around my neighbourhood. I live in the country, so pretty much all that’s around me is trees, houses and snow. But I came across this cute park cabin, and snapped a shot. I tweaked the colour of the trees in photoshop so it’s more of a red/orange colour, just to blend elements in the picture better. Anyway, this is my first post on my new blog! yay! What do you like about the picture? What could be better?
Personally, I love the simplicity of this. The cabin is obviously the focal point of the picture yet it is so small in this shot. I like the repetition of the trees and how it directs your eye to the cabin, and how there are about three different entry ways to different paths to leave the viewer wondering of where they go. Anyway, let me know what you think.

Adios for now peeps