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StockSnap_TC284GTXHI.jpgWriting my book, I have found myself questioning POV… Is it okay to jump POV between two characters? Why should you do it? Why not? How? 

Right off the bat in researching this subject I found that it is difficult to have POV switches within one chapter; for example – having a few paragraphs in one characters POV then have the next paragraph in a different character’s POV then switch back again a third time to the original character. This is frowned upon because it takes a while to get into a characters head, and to jump quickly between the two could confuse and detach the reader.

If you want to jump between characters, some author’s do it by chapter. Say chapter one is character A POV, and chapter two is character B POV. Or you could go in the direction of having a few chapters in a row is character A POV, and then maybe chapter five or six is character B POV. There are many possibilities.

A few pointers…

  • It is good for readers to have questions about what the characters are thinking / how they feel about situations – this means it is not necessary to switch POV’s just to have readers know what another character is thinking. This will keep the readers guessing and on edge!
  • you don’t have to switch POV just to make the reader aware of another character’s emotions, you can do that in other ways – this could be through body language, physical momentary traits of the character (maybe the character is sweating because he is nervous), or dialogue.


Hope you enjoyed this post! What are your feelings on POV? 


3 thoughts on “jumping shoes

  1. Great post! I’m actually in the process of writing a novel with multiple POVs. I began with a prologue told from an omniscient narrator’s POV, and in that prologue, the two protagonists receive an assignment in their creative writing class to keep a journal. After the prologue, I treat each chapter as a journal entry, switching off between the two protagonist’s POV’s. It can be hard, but I love playing with POV shifts.

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