Storytelling through video



Video can be a very impactful tool to use for storytelling. I recently did a little video workshop, and thought I should share my little tidbit on storytelling.


-hook your audience – they want to hear/ or see what happens next – with this It’s also important to know your audience. Write down who your audience is and their level of understanding about your company or products. Use that to establish what’s important to them and how best to target their emotions. After you think about this, you can think of what kind of hook you want.

– begin with a visually intriguing shot/ collection of shots

Storytelling allows you to mentally paint a picture of a scenario to help you make a point.

-To really work though, storytelling must be done in a way that is authentic

-How do I be authentic? Ask yourself these questions… Do you know enough about what idea your selling? Do you know more than the next person?

What is your motivation behind your intended story/ product? If the only reason you are doing it is to get more sales, your audience will know that, and they won’t like it.

-have structure to your story

-strive to make your points short – and the whole story short to keep the attention of your audience members. (This can vary on the subject matter and form of video you are doing. If it is a documentary or movie, obviously your points are going to be a little longer)

-make your story visually appealing

-make sure EVERYTHING is there for a reason


-cinematography is all about communicating with the viewer

-it is not just about the information – but the way the information is being shown and the way it evokes emotion

-where you put the camera doesn’t just allow you to tell the story, but it tells you what to think and feel about the story – and that is in our control through composition, camera angles, script, editing and scene set-up. (And more)


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