Even though it’s summer, the past few weeks have been crazy busy for me. Because I will be a student again in the fall, I am working full time which means I have next to no energy when I get home. On the weekends when I am not working, I am usually in the city visiting friends… which leaves almost no time for doing what I love, which is photography, writing, reading and just learning about different things in history. I find when I am deprived of being able to do what I love, my emotions are kind of a rollercoaster because I need to fill up on my passions again! This means we (people like me) just have to find time – even if it is five minutes – to do something we love in the day. The reason I chose this picture as the featured image is because that really reflects my emotions inside lately. It sucks. But as I learn to slowly make time for things, I feel lighter and more happy. I encourage you to do the same! Even if it’s getting up five minutes early to write some of your story or edit some pictures, it is so worth it. Or maybe next time when you come home dog tired from work, make some coffee and I guarantee once you start doing what you want to do you will perk up. The key is just finding time. Sometimes it may not feel worth it to spend only a few minutes doing something, but that few minutes usually turns into half an hour the next day because you wanted to find time to continue your passions.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for this morning. How do you find time to do what you love in your busy schedule? I’d love to hear!


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