black and white

For the past few days off work, I have been playing around with black and white edits. First off I want to start with what program I use to do this and why. For these I have used photoshop CC because firstly, I am comfortable with photoshop and second of all, photoshop has a black and white option that allows you to individually tweak the different tones in the picture. (I have no clue if ‘tones’ is the right word… πŸ™‚

So all of these photos look quite different right? Right. That’s because I played around with the different hues a lot. In picture A, I turned the reds and yellows down low. Red’s and yellows usually effect skin tone. And for picture A, that is all I did. I find this type of edit looks more real and raw. It has a very rugged look to it – this can suit certain pictures very well.

Picture B – This one I did the oppositeΒ of A. I turned the skin tones up (Red’s and yellows) and also turned the blue hues up to really highlight my models hair. (Her hair is blue, that is why I touched the blue hues). This edit has more contrast to it – the whites are white and the blacks are black.

Picture C – I had a little fun on this one and made this image more dramatic. I stuck to keeping the reds and yellows high, but I turned the blues of her hair down to darken it, so this caused a striking contrast of her skin tone and hair. Just for fun, I also selected the lenses of her glasses and brightened them up to create more of a surreal effect, and I also used a smart blur to smooth her skin out. I’m still trying to perfect that effect.

So obviously, you can create a lot of different looks when just sticking to black and white. Have fun with your editing!


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