new year with neon lights

parker4682parker4700happy new year everyone! 


This New Years Eve I went to churchill in Edmonton and took some pictures by the neon lights. These were my settings up here. This was my first time taking night pictures with low lighting and neon lighting, so I thought they turned out really great. I love the mood of these and the colouring. In the second one I brought saturation down compared to the vibrance of the first picture. I love all of my photos to be dramatic and to invoke some sort of emotion from viewers, even if it was “how did she get that picture to look like that?”

Enhancing – Photoshop CC

What I did to the first picture – I kept the vibrance the same and only tweaked that a little bit, but I selected the lenses of the models glasses and brought up the brightness and contrast of the lenses only. I thought it was a cool effect. I also gave her eyes a more dramatic look by adding black eyeshadow above her eyelids.

The second picture – For the second picture I added a green tint photo filter and brought down the saturation of the entire photo. I also contoured her face with the brush tool by adding a dark brown and darkened the colour of her lips.

What is your favourite picture you took in low lighting?

p.s you can check out my full project on my website! Visit and also check out my instagram @emma.lee.parker



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