The power of editing (enhancing)

parker4566parker4566-2The power of enhancing pictures is limitless. Through programs like photoshop CC, camera raw, and lightroom (and many more) you can create a transformation like this. I have never liked over enhancing photos, and even this one is a little over the top for me but I really love it. It has a fantasy/other world feel to it.

What I did (the jyst) Photoshop CC

-First of all, on the overall photo I boosted the contrast up and the boosted the clarity just a tad

-I then selected everything but the model and again boosted the contrast and brought the offset down to -0.0058

-Then again, I selected everything but the model and added a warming photo filter to give the atmosphere a unique warm feel.

-Then I went to the model- I used the paint brush tool and used the hard light option and 100% opacity to contour her face like adding makeup. I used a dark brown colour. I also added a bit of pink for blush, darkened her lips, and brightened her eyes. Then I also added a bit of black on her lash line to give her a more dramatic look.

-Last step, I added a photo filter to the entire photo not just the background. This is important because it ties in the photo and blends the background and the model naturally, this way the model doesn’t look like she is out of place, unless that is the look you are going for.

That’s all folks! tata for now πŸ™‚



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